Selling your Property


Is there ever a right time to sell? Ideally the best time to sell is when you have been made the right offer. The right offer is the highest possible price you can obtain for your property in line with current market conditions. It is too difficult to predict how market prices will move. Focus on today’s prices to best estimate what your property is worth. If an offer comes your way that is in line with that figure then it’s a good time to sell.

As a general rule if your property has not sold within 60 days on the market consider revising your price. Do not leave your property on the market for too long, it creates the perception that there is something wrong with it.



If you want to attract the right type of buyer then advertise your property at the right market price. This is the price that buyers are prepared to pay for your property. By doing so you will attract genuine buyers that are knowledgeable about market prices and who are ready to buy today. Expect to receive offers early as genuine buyers are actively searching for new properties, monitor what is new on the market and are therefore attracted to new listings. Treat early offers seriously and give them due consideration. They are often the best you will receive.



The key components of a successful sale are:

  • Presentation
  • Marketing
  • Price

Achieving a good balance between all three components is essential to obtaining the highest possible price for your property. By presenting your property to prospective buyers at its best, through targeted and cost-effective marketing and by setting a realistic price for your property from the outset you will have the best chance of selling successfully.



The best place to advertise the sale of your property is on the internet. The internet provides an instant reaction from the marketplace where you can view and monitor the number of hits your advertisement receives.

This combined with your agent contacting their own buyer database will enable you to gauge who is interested in your property. If you get no reaction from buyers you are receiving important feedback either about the price you have set or the value of your property in the current market. Look at other similar properties on the internet as you may need to revise your price accordingly.

The key is cost-effective marketing. Given the majority of buyers today predominantly use the internet to search for properties ask yourself whether you really need to spend on other forms of advertising like print media. Agents who insist on this type of marketing may be looking to benefit from promoting their agency’s brand name in popular newspapers. These can be costly campaigns for you the seller that truly only benefit the agency. Similarly paying to advertise in real estate agency magazines may only benefit to promote your agent’s brand.



Setting the right price is critical to achieving a successful sale. Set no price and you can lose a significant number of buyer enquiry. Set the wrong price, either too high or too low and you stand to lose all your buyer enquiry.
When setting the sale price of your property ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the market currently favouring buyers or sellers?
  • How attractive is your property to current buyers?
  • What have similar properties sold for?

By setting a realistic price in line with current market conditions means you are more likely to receive genuine offers in the early weeks of your sales campaign.



Did you know that Public Auctions do not always achieve the best price? Rather than offer their highest price, buyers focus on outbidding other buyers by offering slightly more than the last bid accepted. This means that you end up selling to the highest bidder rather than the buyer that offers the highest price for your property. A good agent will give you advice as to the best method to sell your property and a public auction despite being popular is not always the best. Again the publicity an auction draws often works in favour of building the agency’s brand rather than obtaining the highest price for you the seller.

An alternative method is selling your property by Silent Auction. This is an auction conducted by your agent where interested buyers submit their best offer as a private bid. Unlike public auctions, bids are not disclosed to competing bidders; they are only disclosed to you the seller. This gives the seller the opportunity to consider each bid privately and in their own time. Negotiation then occurs based on the bid offer itself enabling both the buyer and seller to reach a price both are satisfied with.

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